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If you are a parent or coach that ever told a local player they can't make it to a big club then you need to learn from Jeremiah's story.  

​Jeremiah fell in love with soccer at IESA and we saw his potential at a very early age.   As a U8 we moved him up to ply with our U10's and pushed him to excel.    Jeremiah came ready to train each day with the right attitude and effort to develop his skills.   We place our teams in top level competitions and tournaments to give them exposure and to keep them challenged.    .

Everywhere we played opposing coaches would recognize Jeremiah's ability and attitude on the pitch.    Jeremiah caught the eyes of some visiting Barcelona coaches at a summer camp for youngsters.    Out of the hundreds of players there Jeremiah was one of four that they offered the opportunity to join FC Barcelona Youth Academy (One of the Biggest clubs in the world).

I remember when he came to training the next week he said to me, coach Ken I am going to play for Barcelona and be the next Messi.   They were not sure yet if he would be selected so his dad was worried about him being too excited but Jeremiah was sure he would make it and I assured him he would.   He did!!!

​Jeremiah periodically travels to Spain and trains with the academy.   You can see his pictures from their training facility with some of the biggest stars in the game (Messi and Neymar).

When not in Spain Jeremiah trains several days a week at their US Academy site in Charlotte.   He also will drop in at times to still train with IESA as this is where it all began for him.

​IESA is extremely proud of Jeremiah and we encourage all our players to dream big and put the work in to achieve it.