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Junior Development Academy Overview

IESA’s Junior Academy Program is designed to support and guide players who wish to make the transition from recreational to competitive soccer.

The program is designed for the advanced recreational player who has shown the desire and ambition to train and compete at a higher level. The Junior Academy Program at IESA is a great learning venue for our younger players and one in which they can develop a real love for the game.

Our players must be able to train in an environment that can test them. In order to play the game at a reasonable level we must continue to develop players with competent technical ability. Players do progress at different rates and our role is to be sure that they are receiving the correct instruction as they move through the Junior Academy program.

IESA Junior Academy players will train 2 times per week with their assigned player pool.   Our Junior Academy teams will play in the CESA Club Soccer League at the Mesa Soccer Complex in Greenville on Saturdays or Sundays as determined by the coaches.

In addition we have an open training policywhich allows those players who wish to train on a daily basis the chance to do so. We will always encourage our Junior Academy players to train on their own and watch as much soccer as possible. 

Ultimately IESA is committed to helping our players develop an interest in the game that will last a lifetime.